New trending of high level 3 channels car camera, the optimal solution for road safety.

New trending of high level 3 channels car camera, the optimal solution for road safety.

Do you have car camera with three way recording: 2K+1080P+1080P?
While there are many dual dash cam setups being sold today, there are only a handful of true 3 channel dash cameras for sale at the consumer level. A 3 channel dash cam simply means that there are 3 cameras that are all part of one dash cam system, that simultaneously record and share the same memory card.
Most dual dash cams have a front and back of car camera. What sets a 3CH dash cam apart is that they also have an interior facing camera to record the inside of the car. A 3 camera system like this is popular with people who drive for Uber, Lyft and other rideshare type services who want to record their passengers and still have the full front and back coverage of a typical dual dash cam setup.

Now Nello have launched a new 3 channels camera that with good quality and high 


New Model: 3 Channel TR1

◎Sony Sensor

◎Video resolution:Front 2K+Interior 1080P+Rear1080P

◎4 IR Lights

◎HDR- night video and picture effective are perfect


◎360 Degree Rotational Slice Bracket

◎Super Capacitor

◎Storage UP to 256G

Installing a 3 Channel Dash Cam
Because the front and interior camera are on the main front dash cam unit, installing a 3 channel dash cam is just like installing a dual dash camera. Most will have an adhesive mount that you will stick to you windshield (where to mount your dash cam). Then you will want to rout the rear camera to your back window, most rear cameras will have a cable that is about 20 feet long. The rear cameras will usually have an adhesive mounting bracket that you can stick to your back window.
Now dashcam given the important role they serve and they're perhaps the best gift you can give to anyone who drives. Here is the best 3 channels dash cams, come to contact with us to know better of this camera.
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