2022 New Arrival World First 8K Underwater Sports Action Camera X3K+, with10M body Waterproof and HyperSmooth Anti-Shake

2022 New Arrival World First 8K Underwater Sports Action Camera X3K+, with10M body Waterproof and HyperSmooth Anti-Shake

Seeing more and more same 4K action cameras, do you also feel that there is nothing new? 
Today, 4K action cameracan be seen everywhere in the market. Many professionals are tired of these specifications and keep seeking higher specifications, in order to achieve a higher breakthrough in outdoor sports activities.

Next, Nello will bring you a new experience, after a series of tests and a period of promotion, our 8K video action camera is ready to be fully produced.

Then let’s see the specifications for our new arrival action camera, X3K+:  
X3K+  Specifications:
---- Dual Color Screen
---- 8K video Resolution
---- 64MP photo Resolution
---- HyperSmooth
---- 10m Body Waterproof
---- 2.4G WIFI remote Control
---- 8X Slow motion
---- Voice control
---- Built-in GPS optional

Dual Color Screen:
Present the selfie lens perfectly for users, and no longer worry about losing control of expression or poor composition when taking photos. 
It is more in line with the current trend of video blog and helps users better record and share their travel experiences and interesting life stories in the form of vlog.

8K video Resolution:
Super-Visual video Recording, Max 8K 15fps. it also with ultra high frame rate 4K60fps, 1080p120fps video,

64MP photo Resolution
Ultra-clear image, X3K+ intelligently applies HDR, local tone mapping and noise reduction to optimize your shots. Get the best photos, show you clearer pictures and better quality. 

6-Aixs stabilization; Get gimbal-like stabilization—no need extra gimbal. X3K+ predicts your movements and corrects for camera shake to deliver hyper smooth footage.

10M Body Waterproof
No need waterproof case, You can take the action camera directly into the water under 10 meters. Excellent waterproof performance makes record video underwater possible. Suit for any adventure such as cycling, hiking, driving, diving, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving etc

Built-in WIFI, X3K+ action camera can be connected to your smart phone (IOS & Android) via the "YUTU PRO" app,then you can shared to social platform. Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 15 meters, you can use the camera remotely.

8X Slow motion/ Time Lapse
you can slow things down by up to 8X/4X/2X to relive funny, interesting or epic moments in all their glory.
The X3K+ action camera is equipped with various bases, charging and other accessories to facilitate users to better use the camera and improve the sense of experience.
It will bring more shooting scenes, helps users get a high-quality shooting experience in various harsh shooting scenes such as vigorous exercise, underwater and steep mountain road.
Every small design of the action camera is repeatedly polished, devote to bring users a faster and more comfortable video shooting experience and higher quality video images. 
At present, the specifications of action cameras on the market are too single, Whether as a manufacturer or supplier, the release of X3K+ action camera will definitely a new trend in the market.
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