nello R68K 2022 Best Dash Cam No SD Card eMMC 4K Dual Lens Car Recorder

nello R68K 2022 Best Dash Cam No SD Card eMMC 4K Dual Lens Car Recorder

Have you ever heard eMMC? Electronic product have similar life circle, we are reference the mobile phone developing. In 2000, mobile phone also use the SD card as storage. But now almost all premium level mobile phone all use eMMC built in device. It can be increase the stability and reduce the risk that SD card brings to. We have inspired by that so we adapt EMMC technology to our 4K dash cam R68K.

What are the other features? First, the simple but sense of technology design because we have spent 300,000USD to develop this model, which is absolutely different from the public models so there is silver, golden, tarnish cases for your options. Second,  it is a hidden design with a 3M buckle bracket, which is easy for dash camera installation. Third, the Type-C interface simplifies the power cable and faster to transfer the data to the PC. Fourth, it's a dual-lens camera, a Sony sensor Starvis, supper night vision, and 4K(3840*2160P) resolution, whatever the daytime video or the night time video is ultra-clear. And regard to the rear camera, its FHD(1920*1080P), it is clear enough to record the road behind. Fifth, the WDR/HDR feature attractive clients because it can reduce the explore, while the car across the tunnel, there is no blank, record the clear video. Moreover, it can record the car palate number at night as well. Sixth, it can work at -20° and the high temperature 70degree, while the other 4K model in the market working temperature is 70°. Due to its high working temperature, the car factory selected this model. You are worth trying too.

Why choose the eMMC dashcam? If you drive often in daily life, per SD card useful life is 1 year and then need to buy a new one, while the eMMC useful life is 7 years, which saves the budget from the storage. What’s more, our R68K build-in eMMC 32GB/64GB, no worry about the data will fly away while there is collusion, for the data safe. And avoid the improper SD card to cause the after-sales issue. 

Seventh, this camera is built in WiFi so when you download the “Luckycam”, you can check the live streaming video. And can control the camera via mobile phone.
Eighth, it build-in GPS, so the LCD will show the latitude and longitude and record the speed. Besides, you can playback the GPS trajectory on the PC Viewer.

Above all will the today’s share for the first EMMC dash cam R68K, I believe that the eMMC series must be a trend in the following years, not hesitate to try it.

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