Nello NB966 exclusive patent model to break with tradition- First no straps magnet mirror dashcam

Nello NB966 exclusive patent model to break with tradition- First no straps magnet mirror dashcam
Welcome to visit our website and reading our this magnet mirror dashcam. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best rear view mirror dash cam for your needs!
What is a black box for cars? As we all know the importance of having a dash cam.They can help protect you from liability in accidents, traffic stops, fraud schemes, and more.With so numerous cars taking to the roads each moment of each day accidents are often inevitable.Of course, no one wants to get into accidents, but you can nearly ensure that in case you’re in one you’ll need footage of it just in case.Dashcams are the surveillance on the streets and can provide drivers peace of mind while driving(especially dash cams with parking mode).
There are several different styles of dash camerain market, with one popular style being rear view mirror dashcameras.We believe everyone is familiar with the rearview mirror dashcam, so what is the difference between the mirror dashcam we recommend for you? And why do we call this an unconventional mirror dashcam?

What is the First No Straps Magnet Mirror Dashcam?
Firstly, let’s learn about the traditional mirror dashcams in market. See below picture: 
• lMirror dash camera with straps
• lDedicated bracket mirror dash cam
Then, let’s show Nello magnet mirror dashcam:
• lNo straps
• lWith magnet to install into the car
As you can compare the pictures and you will see Nello mirror dashcam is different from them. Traditional mirror dashcam always with the 2 straps to fix with the original mirror. But as you see, Nello model with unique magnet to fix in the original mirorr, it looks more beautiful and will be more stable. Nello is a company that dares to innovate and break the tradition, this magnet design took more than two years to develop, and it will be the first magnet mirror dashcam design in whole market. Thus we called this model is Nello exclusive patent model to break with tradition- First on straps magnet mirror dashcam.

How to install into the car? 
Of course, when you browse here, may you will concern that if this magnet damage the original mirror and also you may confuse how to install into the original mirorr. So next let’s see how it is installed:
1.Accessories including:
Host camera mahine
Rear Camera with cable
Usb cable 
Static stickers
Color box 
User manual

2. Dash camera installation video please refer: 

After checked the install video, you will know it install is very easy and will not damage the original mirorr, on the contrary, with magnet mirror dashcam will look more beautiful.

Why choose Nello Magnet Mirror Dash Cam?
We tried to design this model that is based on the pain points of some traditionalmirror dashcams reported by customers in the market. 
The following are some performance comparisonswith traditional mirror dashcams:

1.Video shaking:
Bandage mirror dashcam in market:The strap has elasticity, and it will shake after a little vibration when driving.
NELLO no bandage mirror dashcam:It fits firmly with the rearview mirror of the original car, and the video does not shake

Bandage mirror dashcam in market:Silicone bandages are easily aging and loose due to environmental influences.
NELLO no bandage mirror dashcam:magnet, longer life.

Bandage mirror dashcam in market:Need to untie the two strap buckles, and the straps are easy to drop.
NELLO no bandage mirror dashcam:Easy operate and stick well with mirror of the original car

4.Whole apperance:
Bandage mirror dashcam in market:From the outside, it is obvious that the two straps are uncoordinated
NELLO no bandage mirror dashcam:Integral with the vehicle, no straps on the outside, the overall is more coordinated and more beautiful

5.Original car match:
Bandage mirror dashcam in market:The strap has a fixed length and cannot adapt to different sizes of rearview mirrors
NELLO no bandage mirror dashcam:Adapt to different sizes of original car rearview mirrors

Bandage mirror dashcam in market:The straps are prone to aging and then fall off and hit people or cars; the rearview mirror of the original car is not good for heat dissipation, and the battery is prone to high heat and fire
NELLO no bandage mirror dashcam:Tests have verified that unless the original car's rearview mirror falls off, the structure is not close and easy to stick to heat, and the super capacitor is also designed to be safer

Bandage mirror dashcam in market:Male model straps, without any competition
NELLO no bandage mirror dashcam:NELLO exclusive invention patent, competitive in the market
Excpet above points, we also design different sizes and different solutions for this magnetic bracket to meet different markets and different customer needs. For example, we have:

lVarious size:
11.26 inch/ 10.88 inch/9.66 inch

lVarious video resolutions:
dash camera 4k ultra hd+1080P/2K+1080P/ 1080P+1080P/1080P+VGA

lVarious lens:
Right hand lens/ left hand lens

lVarious function:
Is this magnet mirror dash cam very attractive and competitive? are you interested?
If your car doesn't have a dash camor you are still looking for innovation dashcam, buy one and try this Nello magnet mirror dashcam.

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