NELLO X9 Plus The world’s first 3.99 inch 4K dash camera front and rear

NELLO X9 Plus The world’s first 3.99 inch 4K dash camera front and rear

Thanks to the high level image chips iCatch V35AX and CMOS sensor SONY IMX335, recently the new dash camera model X9 plus was launched to the market by Nello company , which is the world’s first 4K dash camera with 3.99 inch full screen . WiFi , GPS and a 1080P rear camera are optional for it . We believe that the X9 Plus will be a shining jewel in the high-end market of dash cams  .

Clear evidence in 4K
The X9 Plus free you from the fear of unpredictable occurrences on the road. Whatever goes wrong while driving, the top-quality recording in 4K means you will always have clear evidence. Such a high resolution is fantastic as even small and distant objects can be enlarged without losing quality, so all license plates and traffic signs remain clear and legible.

Special designwith 3.99 inch full screen
Thespecial 3.99 inch full screen makes the camera a super nice experience to preview and playback the video on the camera screen . Thanks to the big screen , it can be a mini streaming media rear view dash camera when connect with a rear camera . It can also be a dashboard camera for truckers especially the vans which without the rear view mirror to make them safe when driving on the road .

The true HDR function
Many dash cameras have the WDR function , but only few dash camera has the HDR function . WDR is just the software function but HDR is based on both software and hardware . So HDR is more powerful than WDR . For example , WDR and HDR both have the good performance during the car through the channel , but HDR has more strong performance when the environment is too bright . So you can see the video from X9 Plus which can show the details of sky under the big sun.  

Maximum detail even at night
For some time Nello cameras have firmly beaten the competition when it comes to night shots. With the X9 Plus, we have successfully transferred these great night shots to a 4K resolution. Using cutting-edge optics, we were able to bring more light to each pixel, so even on a dark road outside the city, the surroundings of the car will be easy to see. The sensor can also handle the glare of oncoming vehicles.

Safety and durability thanks to the supercapacitor
Instead of a standard battery, the X9 Plus uses a supercapacitor, which can handle extreme temperature fluctuations or impact. In the car, it is completely safe when driving plus, it has multiple-times more battery life as its properties do not change over time. A camera with a capacitor does need a constant source of energy but this is no problem in a vehicle.

Convenient controls from your smartphone
Once paired, just snap the dashcam in the car and you won’t have to touch it again - with built-in Wi-Fi and a handy mobile app, you can control the camera from your phone. Enjoy the minimum of cables and fast wireless video. You can also easily adjust settings remotely.

Intelligent parking monitor function
With the hardwire kit , X9 plus can protect your car via 24 hours parking monitor when you park the car in the garage . Keeps you peace in mind not only in the road but also when you part from the car .The time-lapse recording saves the card memory capacity efficiently .

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