Nello 4K Dash cam with Single Channel

Nello 4K Dash cam with Single Channel
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Importance of having a dash cam:
Having a dash cam in your car means supporting evidence at your fingertips – should you be involved in a car accident or witness one.Road rage, drink driving and other dangerous behaviour behind the wheel are prevalent. However, a dashboard camera can help police and other law enforcement punish offenders before the worst-case scenario happens.
On a more positive note, a dash cam can have cost-effective benefits for the driver. For example, lower insurance premiums.Some insurers are recognizing the preventative nature they have and 

11: Car Charger

Mini Dash Cam Installation with Video Record Instructions
• lIt is the best to mount the dash camera in the upper edge of the car’s front windshield, beneath the rear-view mirror or next to it.
• lClean the mounting area carefully and ensure the windshield is not damp.
• lEnsure there is unobstructed view to the camera and that the vision of the driver is not blocked.
• lEnsure that the selected mounting area is suitable for the length of the USB charging cable
• lRemove the protective film of the fastening tape of the camera holder and fasten the holder by pressing it firmly on the windshield
• lInsert an empty microSD card in the dedicated slot.
• lConnect the camera carefully to the magnetic connector of the camera holder and connect the USB charging cable. The USB charging cable is long enough so that in most passenger cars it can be mounted along the edge of the windshield to the charging socket.
• lThe camera switches on automatically when the power is turned on.

Why A1S is a perfect selection:
-Unique appearance design-(patent certificated)
-Unique magnetic power supplier
-Coating technology on camera glass
-Optional 3 kinds of bracket. Works as Dash Cam, Live Cam, DV
-It has better specifications than Magnavox Mini Action Dash Cam 1080P: 
Both can work as Dash and Action Camera but A1S design has superiority (elegant, supports 
3 kinds of brackets), in addition it can support three resolutions(4K, 2.5K and FHD) while 
Magnavox can only support FHD.

-In addition, these are its powerful specifications:
Chipsets and sensors:
Since this dash cam support different resolution it will come up with different chipsets:
1.For the 4K resolution:  NT96675 + SONY335
2.For the 2.5K resolution:  NT96675 + GC4653
3.For the FHD resolution:   NT96565 + GC2053

Built in battery: 5.5V/1.5F super capacitor

Power supply: 5V, 2A car charger / 5V, 2A hardwire kit

Memory: TF card supports up to 128G memory card, class10

LCD: 1.5” IPS

Support: loop recording, G-Sensor and parking mode

GPS: this dashcam records accurate speed and location datawhile you're driving. This will keep track of your vehicle's physical location, to show the route travelled, and the speed you are going. This can be vital in pinpointing exactly where an incident has happened, which can be crucial in an insurance claim.

Wifi connection:
1:Wi-Fi function allows to transmit recordings from the dash camera directly to the mobile device and to view them from there.
2:Download RoadCam app for Android or iOS from Google play or Apple store.
3:Start the Wi-Fi function of the sash camera by pressing long on the button”Down/camera”in any status.Camera network ID and password are displayed on the screen of the camera.
4:Search for open wireless networks on the mobile device and choose the network corresponding to the ID displayed on the screen of the camera.Enter the password displayed on the screen of the camera,when it is asked for.
5:Now the mobile device is connected with the dash camera via Wi-Fi network and you can run RoadCam app.
6:To start choose”+ Connecting device”from the home menu.In the next window you can see the video image from the camera in real time.You can manage camera settings from the”Settings”menu or you can switch them on and off during recording.
7:You can also view your recordings in the mobile device or to transmit them there. In the file”Recorder file”you can find recordings saved in the memory card of the camera.You can download the selected recordings in the photo file of your phone by pressing the button “Edit”and selecting the recordings, to starting transmitting tap”Download”.

   ISO                 Android
4K Mini Action Dash Camera Awards:
Due to its various features A1S has Awards from:
- Russia 2017 Product Design Gold Award
- AutoBild Evaluation Award - One of the Best Driving Recorders in Europe in 2019

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