Good news Nello company recently launched the new product -- WiFi Digital Photo Frame . The main model is DF101-A which is the private design with the fashion style total 6 colors for your choice . Here is some reasons why you need the WiFi Digital Photo Frame .

Share photos anywhere in the world
The 10.1" Smart Photo Frame has built-in Wi-Fi that lets you receive photos from friends and family around the world. Simply download the free Frameo app (Android & iOS) and you are ready to start sending photos - no matter where you are in the world. Frameo lets you stay connected with your loved ones even when you are miles apart!

Easy to use
The 10.1" Smart Photo Frame is easy to set up and use - even by people who are not used to computers or social media. The intuitive touch screen combined with a user friendly interface makes it easy to make a slideshow of all the photos you receive. As the owner of the photo frame, you decide yourself who you want to be able to receive photos from. Send them a code to your frame and with a few clicks they are ready to send you photos.

Versatile Installation
The 10.1" Smart Photo Frame is versatile and automatically rotates in landscape or portrait mode. You can stand the device up using the included desktop stand or mount it onto a wall using the mounting holes on the back.

The perfect gift for your loved ones
Surprise your loved ones with a Frameo - a gift that is sure to bring joy. Share the photos of your big moments in life and all the wonderful everyday experiences that fills you and your loved ones with joy. The 10.1" Smart Photo Frame makes a really personal gift across generations.